Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 


Blind – Theater Review


In this contemporary re-telling of Oedipus, a married couple slowly rediscovers the secret they thought they had buried deep within the cavities of their unconscious.The play explores the blindness of two individuals but also the blindness of a culture that now must confront its own folly.


Blind is a play by Craig Wright, whom you may know from Lost or Six Feet Under, and it has two names that you will undoubtedly recognize, one is Jocasta, okay, maybe not so much. The other is Oedipus, okay you recognize that right. You know the story about Oedipus Rex whom Tom Lehr made famous by the son in which he giggled, that there once was a king named Oedipus who had a strange complex, he loved his mother like no other, his father was his brother and his sister — never mind, you get the point. That it’s the Theban trilogy– where when because of previous sins, that Jocasta was told that her son would kill her husband, so she gave up the child to a woodsman to be left out to die, and then the prophecy comes true. And this is what happens after the prophecy, where the idea is that they are in fact married and have children, and the people of Thebes have figured it out, and what happens between the two of them, which is psychologically very upsetting. It’s two very good actors. Veanne Cox, whom you would recognize, and Seth Numerich who is relatively young, but he is terrific and I really liked this play a lot. I thought it was smart and having read all the originals, not in Greek, thank you very much, I thought this was a very cool play about the underpinnings of the Oedipus mess, so I give it four and a half stars.