Sunday, June 16 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 



Father of the groom, Curtis, simply wants to make a memorable toast. But before he is able to raise his glass, he must defend the time-honored ways of his past, including his attire. Cultures clash when a surprise guest is announced, threatening to throw convention out the window. Curtis finds that balancing the standards of his late father and the needs of his future family may prove too messy for a black tie affair.


Black Tie is the newest A.R Gurney play — it’s actually the world premier at 59, E-59– with a really talented cast led by Gregg Edelman. It starts off with Gregg trying on a tux.  It turns out that it’s his dad’s tux, who sort of comes out from behind a mirror, who’s played by Daniel Davis.  This is really a comedy to a certain extent of manners and class and age and communication and compromise.  I really liked it.  It took awhile to get started.  It’s only 90 minutes.  The last 45 minutes are delightful.  The first 45 are a little slow, going to be quite honest.  But, hang in there.  I think it really does make a really sweet and energetic and legitimate point.  I’ll give it three and a half stars.