Big Fan

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Big Fan
Big Fan

Big Fan – Movie Review


Paul Aurfiero, a 35-year-old parking garage attendant from Staten Island, is the self-described “worlds biggest New York Giants fan”. After a run-in with a linebacker, things go a bit crazy!


“BIG FAN” is a movie about a fan who takes the word fanatic very seriously. He is a New York Giants fan, and loves a particular member of the team to the extent that he stalks him, and the quarterback that he loves ends up beating the daylights out of him, and because he’s such a big fan, our fan doesn’t tell the cops about it. It’s sort of an interesting premise for a story, and the thing you like about the movie best is Patton Oswalt, who is a stand up comedian who plays the fan, and his sidekick, Kevin Corrigan, who’s always good. This is a first time director who’s clearly got something very special to say. Is this a perfect movie? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but will it give you something to think about? Yeah. And the ending feels oddly satisfying so I would give this three stars.