Beautiful Creatures

Sunday, April 21 st, 2019 at 00:04 am 

Beautiful Creatures is an adaptation of a novel with 17 yr old Ethan Wate who’s had a recurring dream where a mysterious girl seems to be dealing with him on a civil war battle field. He’s bored and just wants to get out of town until Lena Duchannes, Alice Englert, moves to town and lives with Macon Ravenwood, played by Jeremy Irons, who owns Ravenwood Manor. It turns out all the nasty little girls don’t like her much, and Ethan’s best friend Lincoln’s mother, who’s played by the wonderful Emma Thompson, wants to get rid of Lena, and Viola Davis, who seems to be somehow a protective presence, is worried as well. It turns out there are curses and all types of witch powers, and if I describe it to you any more it’s going to sound silly. The kids are good, there’s enough humor in it, and grown ups have figured out the Harry Potter phenomenon, which is you take pretty kids and surround them by really good actors and voila, you have a movie. This is kind of fun, it’s a love story, and also has to do with if not vampires then at least curses and changing weather patterns. I thought this was silly fun, three and a half stars.

Joy Meter