Bart Got A Room

Sunday, June 16 th, 2019 at 00:06 am 
Bart Got A Room


While Danny’s father and mother independently search for love, Danny is on his own desperate quest to find a prom date. Danny’s search becomes progressively more pathetic once he and his family learn that Bart, the school’s biggest dweeb, not only secured a date for the prom, but got a hotel room as well.


“Bart Got a Room” is a little gem of a movie, written and directed by Brian Hecker, and I think he’s going to be the Woody Allen of the 21st century. A high school senior played by Stephen Kaplan, whom I’ve never seen before, but is a lovely little actor, heads a cast of talented unknowns with a sprinkling of three big name stars in it. Jennifer Tilly, Cheryl Hines, and William H. Macy, all of who have basic cameos in it, are amazing. The story is of a young kid who has a female best friend, and is trying to decide who to take to the prom. Because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, you get your picture taken. And in 80 minutes we look at all the angst of being an adolescent, of having a best platonic friend from both friends’ side. It’s embarrassing enough having parents going through their own mid-life crisis, like Bart’s, who also deal with recent divorce and dating. This is really a five star experience. Five stars.

Joy Meter