At The Edge of the World

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
At The Edge of the World
At The Edge of the World

At The Edge of the World – Movie Review


What risks are worth taking when activism is a matter of life and death? For 46 volunteers on two ships determined to shut down an industry exploiting laws and nature, idealism has very real consequences.


“At the Edge of the World” is one more of the documentaries that look at the length people are willing to go to to save the environment. This one really cooks. It’s about a group that is trying to save the whales off the coast of Antarctica and the extent that they will go to confront the Japanese whalers who under the guise of research are slaughtering whales. I don’t want to tell you very much about it because it’s really extraordinary including people lost at sea, people dumped overboard. Some really scary stuff that was luckily all caught by a documentarian. At the Edge of the World will really make your heart thump. Four stars.