Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 

Araya – Movie Review


A peninsula in the Caribbean in northern Venezuela: Araya. One of the most barren regions of the world, where man depends entirely on the produce of the sea: salt, fish.


“Araya” is shot in black and white and it’s for those of you who view going to a movie as more of an exercise in artistic endeavors and beautiful scenes than the plot. This might work for you. It was actually released in 1959 and it’s been restored in time for film festivals. The idea is that they study a peninsula in the Caribbean in Northern Venezuela, which is one of the most barren regions on earth, where it turns out that the only way of making a living is things from the sea, which is either salt or fish. It’s beautifully shot, but the question is if you care about any of this. We spend 24 hours looking at the salt workers in this unforgiving world. The film from the first image is to the merge the viewer in a universe of rare beauty. Well, I think you’re going to be tempted to fast forward through it. Beautiful it is. Meaningful, not so much. One star.