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Anything_Goes is a fun-filled but hardly faithful adaptation of the same-named Cole_Porter Broadway musical, with additional songs by Hoagy_Carmichael, among many many others. Set on a luxury liner, the story gets under way when Moonface Mullins (Charlie_Ruggles), Public Enemy No. 13, slips on board disguised as a bishop. As he weaves in and out of the story, Billy Crocker (Bing_Crosby) romances Hope Harcourt (Ida_Lupino), titled Englishman Evelyn Oakleigh (Arthur_Treacher) also pursues Hope, and brassy entertainer Reno Sweeney (Ethel_Merman) chases after Sir Evelyn.


Anything Goes is the revival of the great Cole Porter songs and the book written by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton. It’s directed by Kathleen Marshall, who is a great choreographer and a good director and a nice person. I actually interviewed her. This is Sutton Foster playing Roxie and Joel Grey playing Public Enemy Number 13. Also, John McMartin and Jessica Walter. I mean, the music here is fabulous, the set is wonderful, the dancing is terrific. My only complaint, and it’s kind of a minor complaint, is that this is really camped up. Everybody mugs through this. And I guess, you know, that that’s certainly one of the choices of how to do the material and Sutton Foster is certainly cute and who could not love Joel Grey. But it does have a sense of mugging through it. So the dancing was much better than the scenes without dancing. And the two romantic leads don’t have a whole lot of charisma. Laura Osnes and Colin Donnell, they’re both pretty and they both can sing okay, but not a whole lot of charisma or chemistry. Adam Godley, who plays the English sort of twit, nearly steals the show out from underneath everybody, including Sutton and Joel. But this is really fun and the music is sublime. I liked the second act better than the first, because there was a lot more dancing. So you’re a little less dependent on characterization and acting and old-fashioned stuff like that. I’ll give it four stars.