Angel of Mine

Friday, May 24 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Angel of Mine
Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine – Movie review


Traumatized by the breakup of her marriage, a middle-class mother decides that a little girl who attends her son’s school is actually her dead daughter, who perished in infancy during a fire in the maternity ward.


Angel Of Mine is a French movie subtitled in English. This is a terrific movie. It centers around a woman who seems to be a little bit discombobulated. She’s divorced. Her husband thinks she’s nuts. Her kid wants to be with his father, and she sees a little girl at a birthday party her son is at, and begins essentially stalking the kid. It’s very well acted. It’s very well done. It’s a very good movie. The movie makes you feel like you’ve spent some worthwhile time watching it, which doesn’t happen at the movies very often. This woman decides that this child is really her long dead child. Okay, it’s a little spooky, a little uncomfortable and there is a lot of tension. Very well acted. Four stars.