An Evening at The Carlyle

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
An Evening at The Carlyle

An Evening at The Carlyle

An Evening at The Carlyle – Theater Review


A new musical presented by Algonquin Theater productions, will extend the run. This is a musical entertainment show featuring a talented young cast and a bring, original score commenting on current events, celebrities and life and love in the Big Apple.


AN EVENING AT THE CARLYLE is well meaning. It’s got six people who, supposedly, are all at the Carlyle Hotel, the Bemelmen’s Bar and supposedly are visited by several celebrities, including Barbara Streisand , Liza Minelli, a Sinatra wannabe, and the Donald. Music and lyrics by Al Tapper, who’s clearly talented. There are a couple of ballads that really work. There are a couple of satiric musical numbers that really work. The problem is there’s not enough here for a show that really will work together and this one really doesn’t. In spite of everybody trying very hard and a charming theater it’s just too disparate, it’s just too uneven. Even people who do very well on one song, then get saddled with a song that’s out of their range, or doesn’t make any sense. So, while it’s well meaning and charming, and with a little effort probably could be quite wonderful, it’s just not. Two stars.