Amaluna: Cirque du Soleil

Saturday, March 23 rd, 2019 at 00:03 am Dr Joy Browne
Director (s):

Amaluna is the latest of the Cirque du Soleil travelling shows, and I have seen every one of the travelling shows, I haven’t all the shows in Las Vegas, but I’ve seen all of the travelling shows. Last year I said that I thought the show was equal to the original one that I’ve seen, and the first time you see Cirque du Soleil you get this overwhelming sense of “oh my god, they have the same DNA as I do, and how can they look like that, and how can they move like that?” This production is far and away my favorite, even from the first one. It is very female oriented interestingly enough, the director is a woman, she also did “Pippin”, and the theatrics of the whole thing really makes the difference, especially with circus acts, there is stuff that needs to moved around, and there is breaks in the action, there are no breaks in the action on this one. There are not a whole lot of props, the band is wonderful. The costumes are their usual spectacular self, the bodies are wonderful. It is sexy and gorgeous and tons of fun, and not to be missed, even though it is not a cheap ticket. 5 stars.