All About Me

Monday, May 20 th, 2019 at 00:05 am 
All About Me
All About Me

All About Me – Movie Review


Feinstein and Dame Edna accidentally book into the same Broadway theater on the same night. After much tussling, the two performers decide to make the best of it and do a variety show together.


All About Me is at the new Henry Miller Theatre on 43rd Street. Ostensibly, it’s stars Michael Feinstein, all by himself. He comes out with his piano, singing and talking. Then Dame Edna, aka Barry Humphries, comes out and this the entire problem is exemplified by the fact that there are two Play Bills. One Play Bill has Michael Feinstein sitting on a piano saying “All About Me”, and the other that has Dame Edna doing the same thing. And that’s the strength and the weakness of the entire process metaphorically, that they really don’t fit together, to have two different covers, two different styles, two different stories. When they actually do get together and do a medley at the end it is kind of charming. But the reason for this escapes everybody, including I think the audience and the two performers. I don’t know who came up with this idea, but it was a very different kind of act. Michael Feinstein does great American song books. He has an acceptable voice and it works very well in a cabaret setting. Dame Edna has done her show, this is, I believe the third time, where she does sort of outrageous satire. She’s sort of Joan Rivers in drag, or is that redundant. The two together, this is kind of an upscale cabaret act in a big theater and I don’t think it worked very well as evidenced by the fact that half the theater was empty. It’s sort of an idea that almost works, but doesn’t quite. Fundamentally, I’ll give it two stars.