Ages of the Moon

Thursday, May 23 rd, 2019 at 00:05 am 
Ages of the Moon

Ages of the Moon

Ages of the Moon – Theater Review


Byron and Ames are old friends, re-united by mutual desperation. Over bourbon on ice, they sit, reflect and bicker until fifty years of love, friendship and rivalry are put to the test at the barrel of a gun.

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Ages of the Moon is a play by Sam Sheppard staring Sean McGinley and Steven Rea. I must admit up front that I think Steven Rea is fabulous. I interviewed him when he won a Drama Desk nomination for Someone To Watch Over Me. He’s a really nice guy. This is a story that is really served by the space in which it occurs where two guys who obviously don’t speak much but drink in unison spending time looking at their lives together. Not a whole lot happens in the first ten or fifteen of the total 70 minutes. The beginning is funny for the fact that they are both so recalcitrant. The last 15 or 20 minutes is when all the action happens, which still leaves you about 35 or 40 minutes where not much happens. Steven Rea is one of those actors where nothing much happening is still fascinating. I would give the play a two and the performances a four and a half. I’d give it a three and a half. It’s absolutely worth seeing for Steven’s performance in and of itself. It’s really terrific theatre. Okay I’m going to give it four stars.