After Miss Julie

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie – Theater Review


The Millers (Sienna and Jonny Lee) star in the story of a spoiled rich girl whose relations with her family’s servants expose the cruelty of the class divide.


After Miss Julie is an update or a version of Strindberg’s Miss Julie by Phillip Marber. It’s set in England in 1945 and it is completely missable. Strindberg’s play was considered shocking at the time, sort of the Lady Chatterly’s lover of the theatre, but updating is, uprooting doesn’t work. The casting of it doesn’t work. The acting doesn’t work. It’s 90 minutes, it seems like it goes on forever and the only reason I’m giving it one star versus none is because its live theatre — no, I’m giving it no stars. I can’t do it. I can’t in conscious send you to it.