Adventures of Power

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
Adventures of Power
Adventures of Power

Adventures of Power – Movie Review


ADVENTURES OF POWER is an epic comedy about a mine-worker named Power whose love of drums and lack of musical skill has turned him into the ridiculed “air drummer” of his small town. But when Power’s union-leader father calls a strike at the mine, Power discovers an underground subculture of air-drummers who just might hold the key to changing the world. Power’s journey across America brings him face-to-face with his town’s greatest enemy, and allows him to discover the beat within his own heart


Adventures of Power is a movie that tries very hard to be in the genre of Spinal Tap and Mighty Wind, and it comes close occasionally, but it doesn’t really succeed. Maybe part of the problem is that the director, the writer, and the star are all the same person, Ari Gold . The idea is that he’s playing air drums as opposed to air guitar and feels, even though his father, Michael McKean, is head of the labor union, that this is his true calling. Everything in it is predictable, but it’s supposed to be, I guess, satire. It just doesn’t quite work. It’s got a great cast, including Adrian Grenier from Entourage. I think Ari Gold is the made-up name of the agent that Jeff Pivens plays, if I’m not mistaken. Jane Lynch is always wonderful. She doesn’t have much to do in this one, but she’s adorable. But despite all of the great people in it, it just isn’t a great movie.