Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party

Thursday, April 18 th, 2019 at 00:04 am 

It Must be Him 


A fourth-grade Christmas pageant in Lincoln’s rural Illinois hometown sets off a firestorm of controversy when it calls into question Honest Abe’s sexuality


 ‘Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party’ is on Theatre Row, and the story is that we’ve got a cast of seven all dressed as Abraham Lincoln. It’s part political drama, it’s part satire, it’s part commentary, and believe it or not, it’s very good. There are two exceptions. First of all, a horrible title. It so misleads people because people who might really enjoy it because it’s very smart as well as very funny, are going to be put off by a “big gay dance party. They’re going to think it’s Glee or something”. And for those who were looking for “a big gay dance party”, they aren’t gonna get it. The title is lamentable and really needs to be changed. Number two, they do three 45-minute segments that all could have been 30 minutes, and a 90 minute as opposed to two and a half hour, which would have been greatly improved. It’s a great cast. It’s a very smart idea. It’s very well written by Aaron Loeb who is very smart, and he’s a new playwright, and it’s good. The set is also imaginative and the choreography is clever. It’s just too long and the title is too silly, but having said that, you should go see it, and I’ll give it three and a half stars.