A Town Called Panic

Tuesday, May 21 st, 2019 at 00:05 am 
A Town Called Panic
A Town Called Panic

A Town Called Panic – Movie Review


A Town Called Panic follows the wacky, hilarious and often surreal adventures of three plastic toys named Cowboy, Indian and Horse who share a rambling house in a rural town which never fails to attract the weirdest events. Each speedy character is voiced—and animated—as if they are filled with laughing gas. With hysteria a permanent feature of life in this papier-mâché burg, will Horse and his equine paramour—flame-tressed music teacher Madame Longray (Jeanne Balibar)—ever find a quiet moment alone? A sort of Gallic Monty Python crossed with Art Clokey on acid, A Town Called Panic is zany, brainy and altogether insane-y!


The Town Called Panic is an odd stop action animation film. It’s Belgian with subtitles. The first half of it is fabulous. It basically has a cowboy and Indian, iron figures and a horse, all of whom speak. The idea is that everybody in the town is always panicking. In the first half of the movie, the film is really adorable. Then it doesn’t quite know what to do, and then it throws a kitchen sink at you. So for originality, certainly 4 points. And it’s really — I guess what I’d give it is 2.5 points. I know I’m only supposed to give full numbers. But it’s better than a 2, but not quite a 3.