A Little Bit of Heaven

Monday, April 22 nd, 2019 at 00:04 am 

A Little Bit of Heaven


A Little Bit of Heaven stars Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal. She is a veep at an ad agency, and she’s smart and cute and funny, but she’s afraid to open herself up.  She seems to be losing weight, so she visits a doctor, who is Gael Garcia Bernal, and it turns out that she is in the end stage of colon cancer; it’s HBO, even though it seems a little like a Hallmark Hall of Fame disease of the week. But at least she has the good sense to look sick. She has an out-of-body experience and meets Whoopi Goldberg, who for some reason is playing God, and says you get three wishes:
1. That she can fly.

2. That she gets $1M, and Whoopi says after taxes that’ll only be 500,000.
3. She says I don’t know what the third is and Whoopi says yes, you do. And we all know what it is, which is to fall in love.
This is sort of a cut above the usual disease of the week flick in that the acting is good. As I said, Whoopi Goldberg plays God, Kathy Bates plays her mom, Peter Dinklage plays a stripper that’s sent to cheer her up, Rosemary Dewitt plays her sister, and Treat Williams plays her father. You can tell this is a big deal cast and the terrific Lucy Punch plays her best friend. It also takes place in New Orleans, which made it particularly charming for me, because that’s where I was born.  I give it three stars. It’s a bit weepy but it actually has some meaningful stuff, and the acting was great. So, three stars.

Joy Meter