A Life in the Theatre

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 


An older actor imparts his life’s wisdom to a younger actor — and unexpectedly gets some back — in a series of short, comic backstage vignettes..


“A Life in the Theatre” is a two-man show with Patrick Stewart playing Robert and T.R. Knight playing John. One is an older guy and one is a younger guy. It’s written by David Mamet, and it does basically about 28 scenes in 90 minutes. It’s very choppy. When Patrick Stewart walks out on stage in the first little scene, he is out there maybe four or five minutes. You don’t have the sense of how choppy it is, and you’re just ecstatic to see Patrick Stewart because he is so charismatic and wonderful. Then, the choppiness gets to you and you think: David, this is not a play, this is a work in progress. Then, it sort of gets to you, it’s own particular rhythm, because the idea is not really about a life in the theatre, it’s about a life. Being at the top of your game, being a mentor, having somebody else come and overtake you. The first five minutes, you’ll be enthralled. The next couple of minutes you’re going to be irritated, but if you hang with it I think you’ll really enjoy it. I give it three and a half stars.