A French Gigolo (Cliente)

Tuesday, August 20 th, 2019 at 00:08 am 
A French Gigolo (Cliente)
A French Gigolo (Cliente)

A French Gigolo (Cliente) – Movie Review


A French Gigolo stars Nathalie Baye as Judith, a chic, single woman in her 50s who regularly hires male escorts. A busy entrepreneur who’s not looking for love, she appreciates the no-muss, no-fuss quality of the arrangement. Marco is an escort whose earnings enable him to take care of his grandmother and support his wife, Fanny, with her dream of owning a hairdressing salon. But when Judith meets the charming, good-natured Marco, the easy efficiency of her past connections is replaced by something more complicated—especially when Fanny finds out the source of her husband’s income. The three of them are drawn into a romantic triangle and into uncharted territory in which sentiment must be reconciled with economics

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A French Gigolo is subtitled in French. It actually was set in Canada, I think in Quebec City. But it is so French. The idea that an attractive woman sets up her sexual liaisons by paying for it, and the chaos that ensues when her young gigolo’s wife finds out about his illicit activities. Americans would never make this kind movie, but it’s completely engaging, if you know all the characters and you actually like all the characters. Four stars.