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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 5:54 pm . By Dr Joy .

So, I thought I might follow up from my date night last Thursday. After meeting Joy and her mom at the screening of THE END OF THE LINE, I got to share my thoughts with Mrs. Funny Movie Reviewer. Her comments and on air jokes always crack me up. I love when Joy is honest, and real.

We both thought the movie was beautifully shot. There all these great underwater shots, which I love, and being a fan of Planet Earth, the stylized camera movements never get old. This documentary proved to be very interesting for someone like me. I have been reading about food, the effects of food on health, and where our food comes from for many years now. I fished for salmon and white fish in Alaska, and cooked my dinner right there under the stars. Reading about the largest Japanese fish market has informed me on the dillemas in the fish industry. It’s eye opening, and hits me hard. I care about our earth, and the people/animals on it. Hopefully, more people will take an interest in their food, and what happens on it’s way to your dinner plate/frozen dinner/bag of chemicals. Read, research, be well informed where you shop, and try to be bold in your choices.

THE END OF THE LINE is beautifully done, and well researched, just make sure you don’t go out for sushi before, because you’ll feel guilty, unless you have a couple sake bombs.

Till next time-

Danielle, Assistant to Dr. Joy Browne.