It’s Great Being a Pedestrian

Thursday, June 30th, 2011 at 10:48 am . By Dr Joy .

Walking to work ROCKS!!!  There was a little humidity, but a lot of fabulous!  Years ago, it used to be that when the shop owner lived above the shop it was looked down upon because they couldn’t afford to live in the suburbs, but nowadays it’s the fashionable thing.  I don’t live above the shop per se, but I do live within walking distance, which is fantastic during the summer, spring and fall, because I get a nice little walk in, but not so great during the winter.  That is unless I’m able to ski to work, in which case whoopee!  But I really do love walking in New York City, there’s just nothing else like it.

I was out walking in Times Square the other night on the way to a theatre preview of Master Class, which was really a must see (check out my review here), and was enjoying the pedestrian mall that has been created around times square.  They’ve basically shut down some of the streets in the square, which drives the cab drivers nuts but makes for a much less cramped sidewalk, and have set up tables and chairs in the middle of the street.  I think this is really cool because you can now really hang out around Times Square as opposed to being squished up on the sidewalk.  Anyway, I was walking around the pedestrian mall and looked up at the jumbo-trons surrounding the whole area, which usually have all different types of advertisements and videos and pictures and things, but on this particular night all of them were running scenes from the new Transformers movie.  They also put out all these cars and models from the film and sort of “transformed” Times Square into Transformers mania!  It kind of looked like New Years Eve on steroids.  There were so many people out and about and the whole area was just alive and buzzing even more than usual.

Speaking of buzzing, while I was walking around I bumped into Buzz Aldrin on the street!  Of course no one else around knew who he was; kids these days… but I knew!  I had interviewed him a few years back about depression and the affect of space flight on it, and so I yelled, “Buzz!!!”  He turned around and said hello, and we chatted about our interview from before and his appearance in the new Transformers film.  He hadn’t seen it yet, but I assured him he was great in it.  I thought that was really cool!

After seeing Master Class I returned to the pedestrian mall to watch the crews take down all the models and everything they had set up for the Transformers opening night mania.  I just find it so interesting to watch things being taken apart.  I even joked with one of the crewmembers about hiding a Decepticon in their truck.  It was a great night to be a pedestrian in Times Square.  New York had President Obama and Justin Bieber shutting down a lot of the city last week, and this week it was Transformers.  I think the moral of the story is- driving in New York is just not worth it.