Iron Mom

Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 5:30 pm . By Dr Joy .

So who’s idea was it for everyone to take their mom’s to see Iron Man II for Mother’s Day?  Don’t deny it, you must have been there.  Iron Man raked in 135 million this past weekend so there must a been some mom’s there.

Well, I myself was not in the theater seats.  I actually was at the New York Rescue Mission this weekend, one of my favorite non-profit charity organizations to volunteer at in NYC.  They honored me with the Maria Mcauley “Mother of the Year” award. I even got my own apron complete with my name embroidered in the pink on the front. How cute?  On the plaque it read:

“In praise of and thanks for years of welcoming, receiving, greeting, serving, hugging, kissing, consoling, and befriending – in other words, blessing – a multitude of Mission guests”

You know, I’m so honored to be described in such a way, but I gotta hand it to the staff at New York Rescue Mission. They’re there every single day, doing the exact same thing.  This is an award for all of them.