Intern Experiences

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 9:42 am . By Dr Joy .

Hey Guys and Gals,
Just thought I would check in with you guys to discuss how my internship with Joy is going thus far! I know when I ask my close friends about what they are up to I prefer an insane amount of detail.. maybe too much.  So I figure, I will walk you through a typical day at the Studio and working with Dr. Joy Browne because I know I would curious too! Every morning I wake up around 7 and take the train to work, I am usually content on the train listening to music and drinking my iced coffee. When I arrive at the office I am pleasantly greeted by my co-workers and the lovely Dr. Joy. It is so exciting sitting with the producers and Dr Joy looking over current events and discussing what is important to talk about on the show. It is definitely a surreal feeling coming from college into the media/radio world. After we talk for a bit, everyone heads to the studio which is such a blast! I sit in the studio with my headphones, learn how to talk calls, help our producers out with whatever they need and take notes for the blog!

It is so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes here because when you are a listener you have no clue how much hard work and time goes into making a quality show! One of my favorite parts though I must admit is listening to all of you guys call in! It is amazing how many people share similar issues from all over the country- we really are all very alike. I absolutely love the culture and environment here and so far the biggest thrill other then working with Dr. Joy was seeing Joan Rivers!

Xo Intern Erica