I Have Magical Powers

Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at 12:37 pm . By Dr Joy .

I have something I must share with you.  I have magical powers.  I know, you’re thinking “what?!”  So, I was having computer problems this past week (viruses, etc.) as per usual, I have to get my computer checked out every 10 days because it will randomly just give me a pop up screen that says “don’t touch me, I’m ill,” and our tech guy Andrew stopped by to make sure that everything was fixed.  He had spent a while trying to get it back to normal, and he did!  So he sort of came over to gloat, which is completely okay since he did such a great job at fixing it (so I can actually write and post this blog) and I was recalling to him how I had said “well at least it’s not the studio equipment that’s on the fritz,” and suddenly CRASH!  My mic goes out and all the other mics are somehow defective.  Like I said, magical powers…

So I then went to this party last night instead of to a screening or a preview, I just needed to take a night for myself.  So I’m at this party and it’s outside on this terrace and everything was just fabulous.  I was really impressed and just had to approach the hosts of the party and inform them what a fantastic event they had put together outside considering how hot it had been the past few days, and just as I had finished saying it, the heavens opened up and it began to POUR.

I definitely have some strange powers this week.  Perhaps I’m channeling my inner wizard with the final Harry Potter Film premiering, which if you’re interested, check out my review here!