Meeting Ringo

Monday, July 26th, 2010 at 6:00 pm . By Dr Joy .


So there were many wonderful perks to my trip to Windsor, Ontario.  And one of them, as you already might know, is that I got to meet Ringo.  Yes, the Ringo Starr, as in, you know, THE BEATLES.  He did have a couple rules during the meet and greet.  For one, he doesn’t shake hands.  And I guess we all know that this kind of makes sense when you meet 500 people a day.  When you’re a musician, you just can’t afford to get sick. So there was no handshaking but there was a bunch of peace sign-making.  He also doesn’t sign autographs, but he does take pictures, which I think is always a better souvenir anyway.  We got a great couple of pics which he was such a good sport about.  And let me tell you, he really looks GREAT.  You would never know that the man is 70-years-old and has been in rocking out all over the world for over 50 of those years.  For the show, we sat fourth row, and my what a show it was.  The best parts were definitely when Ringo got on the drums, because lets face it, that’s how we all remember him best from his Beatles days. Now, I was really a lucky gal to get to meet him, but if you can’t get a meet & greet, you should try to get to the show anyhow.