Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at 5:48 pm . By Dr Joy .
Never having written a blog before I must say this is quite an honor considering I’ve been working with our very own Dr. JB for over a year now.  As she has been an influential voice in your ears for many moons now; I have been beyond fortunate to have had her as my professional guru for the last 365 days. 
As I moseyed along the gloomy streets of NYC on this overcast day; I pondered what I wanted to write about.  The economy (which Dr. Joy discussed on today’s show so tune to the podcast to listen it if you missed it), American Idol predictions,…nah,  Joy’s pink rain resistant shoes (which were a source of discussion this AM, maybe another day), possibly summer being right around the corner? NOPE,  not suitable & boring!  So truthfully in the 8 hours I sat thinking about what to write I still had nothing except a bad case of writers block and a lack of any beginner’s luck. 
So after I stopped thinking and began writing, I figured I wouldn’t have the opportunity to write my first blog or even struggle with what I wanted to say if it were for our woman of the hour, so why not say Thanks Dr. Joy. So for my first blog entry, ideally I guess it’ll be to give thanks to the woman who has allowed her expertise, knowledge, and wisdom to pass through our cochlea’s for as many memorable years as she has. 
Thanks Dr. JOY! 
Peace Out