Food Truck Craze!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011 at 9:32 am . By Dr Joy .

Over the 4th of July weekend, the city was completely deserted.  It’s my favorite time to be in the city, you could literally go bowling in the streets!  I was wandering around the desolate, urban NYC landscape and ran into one of those food trucks out on the street.  I remember back in the day when food trucks used to mean cheap, fast street food that you never really knew what was in it, but you couldn’t help but be lured in by the fantastic aromas coming from it.  You would regret it later on, but at the time it always seemed like the best decision in the world.  Somewhere along the line, someone thought it might be a good idea to have fast street food that may cost a bit more, but is made with top quality ingredients.  Thus began the gourmet food truck craze, and I must say, I approve!

So anyway, we ran into this gourmet food truck called “Go Burger” and it smelled soooooo unbelievably good, almost out of this world, but it turned out it was closed!!!  I gave one of the guys a little pout and asked if there was any way we might be able to get some food, and you know what, they re-opened just for me!  These guys were so nice, and the food was fantastic, I just have to give them all a big shout out.  So thank you Chris McGee, William McKenna, Azure Dee, and Jeff for re-opening the truck and serving extraordinary food.  It turns out this group is connected to the BLT restaurant company, which if you have ever had the good fortune of dining at is really top notch.  The truck is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Water Street in the Financial District and Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday near the Highline in Chelsea (  It really is worth checking out, especially if you’re in any of those areas.  It may have made my 4th of July weekend, so thanks again guys, you rock!