Father know’s best!!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 8:28 am . By Dr Joy .

Good Morning All! It is a hot summers day and suddenly we have discovered that being cranky is becoming fashionable and trendy on these hot summer days! Everyone lighten up and enjoy the flowers! Lets start the show! Our first caller on today’s show has a fifteen year old son whose grades were not as good as they could be according to his mother and father. His father stresses that he has a lack of effort and poor attitude toward school which is the opposite of how his father and mother were throughout there education. He changed schools a few months ago and suddenly he has been getting c’s during his freshman year of high school. The perception of how this young fifteen year old is doing is off, it seems as though english and global history should be easier for him but his parents see he is doing poorly. This kid has not been doing his homework and has a low tolerance for frustration and blames the teachers. This is something I can very much relate to! In middle school I was not a good student, I had a hard time focusing in class but what the caller should recognize is that over time people can grow and change, also when other students start discussing colleges and there futures the will to do better in school really kicks in! Our following topic on the show was the debate on Tom and Katie and there daughter, Suri Cruise. Suri is this famous couples daughter, she brings up a lot of issues such as fame, divorce, religion and the complications that both entail and weigh on a marriage which can obviously lead to divorce. Another interesting call that came up today was Jack. Although he has an older daughter in her forties she made him uncomfortable by asking if her thirty something year old boyfriend could sleep over, making the people around them somewhat uncomfortable. Dr. Joy gave very straight forward and helpful advice which was to simple tell his daughter that her significant other can drive back home and that making his grandkid uncomfortable was simply not an option! Lastly, a hot topic today was the discussion on who should pay for the first date. Personally, I agree with Joy whoever calls and invites the person out should be the one who is voluntarily willing to pay happily! I have to say I do love a first date it can all be so exciting. Boy, today’s show definitly has its highlights! From the divorce of Tom and Katie to understanding children in and out of school settings. Much more to learn and talk about tomorrow!  Xo Intern Erica