Fast Forward

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 at 5:46 pm . By Dr Joy .

So I haven’t been at WOR for the past week due to college finals and somehow over the course of my exams I managed to forget what a zany spectacle the Dr. Joy Browne Program can sometimes be.  Today Joy is doing a bit for CNN on bankruptcy (how pleasant) and has been running from desk to studio at Mine That Bird speed.  Between my arrival and now Joy has merely been a blur of zebra print past my cubicle. 

While the lady of the hour works deftly to shed light on the otherwise bleak credit calamities flooding the lives of listeners, I have been sifting through old issues of the Dr. Joy Browne Newsletter.  Though distributed in the 90’s, this helpful bulletin contains timeless tidbits of advice on everything from roommate squabbles to passion-igniting bedroom techniques.  I will be adding notable segments from the newsletter to the “Moments of Joy” page on the website.  For now, here are some relationship realities from September 1997’s issue to sit on:

Relationship Reality #1

Whatever you dislike in your mate now, is something you originally loved.  It just looks different.  For example, you may have once fallen in love with his/hers sense of humor and playfulness, only now you see it as childishness and irresponsibility.

Relationship Reality #2

Nagging doesn’t work.  Did it work for you mom? Case closed.  If you’re always on his case about how he looks, acts, talks, walks, eats, and breathes through is mouth, get off it!  Best way to break the habit:  Each time you catch yourself nagging, charge yourself $10.  when you have enough dough stashed in your Nag Jar, treat him to a really nice dinner and don’t make any remarks about those plaid pants he wears.

Relationship Reality #3 

The quickest way to get someone to do what you want is to do what they want.  Go see all the Lord of the Rings releases with him and he’ll see The Devil Wears Prada with you.

Relationship Reality #4

Every time you say, “Wouldn’t it great if you…” he hears “Isn’t it awful that you don’t already…”  No one likes to be reminded of failure.  Do you?

Relationship Reality #5

Change occurs in a loving space, not a war zone.  If you want him to become the fabulous man he was meant to be, adore him for the flawed man he is.

Until next time……

-Eug énie