Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 11:54 am . By Dr Joy .

So how many of you have heard about facebook? Well for those of you who have been asleep, in another galaxy or dead; it is a social network that has garnered…wait for it.. over 500 million user pages! Wow! That would mean that 1 out of every 12 people on the planet have a Facebook page. It just seems unbelievably mind-boggling. And it isn’t just people, companies, and even pets have facebook pages. You can find out how Fido is doing or check out what “Charmin’s” latest invention is.

John joked that he “liked” Jesus of Nazareth on Christmas. “Liking” is one of the more popular features on Facebook. So yes there is a Jesus page and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that he didn’t put it up himself. According to John, The page accumulated several hundred “likes” in a matter of minutes. Well duh of course it would, he was the birthday boy!

Recently Facebook pulled the plug on an app that a user created one lonely night. The app racked up… get this… 3.6 million users in 3 days! And this past Monday was a holiday! So there were probably four people who weren’t on line… but I digress. The powers that be at Facebook pulled the app generalizing it as spammy! They even deleted the users account. What did the app do? It simply emailed users when their “friends changed their relationship status’. Kind of genius and parasitical at the same time.. On FB you can list your status single, attached, married and “its complicated” …I like that one.

But I digress. The creator of this app is gonna go far, I mean 3.6 million users wow! He basically was able to tap into one of the financial successes of facebook; creating a profile for a target audience. And kids I hate to disappoint but I don’t think facebook will be the same in 5years, I don’t think it‘ll be the same in a year. It will evolve as things do… So what do I say ? You better “Like” me now because you may not be able to do it later!