Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 11:59 am . By Dr Joy .

Well as you know Spiderman on Broadway has been no stranger to controversy. It hasn’t been getting the best reviews and it has become the sort of the walking joke. The accidents, mishaps and cast changes haven’t helped. While still garnering a profit of sorts, it’s said that the writers are in the middle of script… rewrites! duh duh duh, (my poor attempt at sound effects. This got me thinking a little about, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (my voice echoing)!

Do you pay attention to constructive criticism? I remember as a child someone beginning the “pep talk” with the lines “I am only doing this for your own good”! Blah! My stomach cringes even thinking of it. You always knew you were about to get laid out in lavender! Ahhh! “Go away” I’d be screaming in my head! And I’d say it in my head because of course you couldn’t argue because it was duh duh duh CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (my voice echoing again). Ok I’ll stop

But anyway how do you take criticism? I know I hate it. I think we all want to be known and seen as these perfect beings with zero faults, but turns out there’s always something that can be better. Go figure? I guess it also depends on who it’s coming from and how it’s delivered. Some of you are professed fans of constructive criticism and I do agree it is helpful. TONE is everything. You have to be careful not to be patronizing or condescending; if you are chances are that the people delivering your critique, might as well be speaking to themselves.

Are you any good at giving the critiques, is an even better question. (Patting myself on the back) I’d like to think I’m good at it but don’t necessarily like doing it. I’d genuinely like people to just have their “stuff” together at the door. It’s funny how most of the responses to this question were from women. Where were the men? Don’t hear you. Do men take criticism well? My producer Pete, thinks that it’s a redundant question. He says it sort of comes with the territory. If you are a man you must be prepared to be “Constructively Criticized” duh duh duh! Ok I’m done.