Bowling with Dr. Joy!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 at 12:02 pm . By Dr Joy .

On todays show Joy decided to tell us a super fun story about her bowling adventure! A wonderful friend of Joy’s was visiting her this weekend in Manhattan. It was her friends birthday, so she wanted to do something fun and special for her. Joy decided to go to a restaurant near the studio that has the worlds best lobster salad! This particular lobster is on a delicious bed of lettuce with very little mayo.

Sadly when Joy and her friend showed up to the restaurant her favorite waiter was nowhere in site and the establishment itself was completely jammed! To top it all off, they are out of lobster so frustrating for those two gals! After waiting and waiting forever to get their food (because it is restaurant week) the two girls were off to the terracotta exhibit that is associated with the discovery channel. Some of the statues were from 2000 BCE, extremely fascinating.

Dr. Joy Browne highly recommends seeing it and going with friends and family. After the restaurant and exhibit the gals were off for a little shopping at Daffney’s and then for the main event of the evening, bowling! Joy wanted to do something fun that with her friend that nobody else had done with her. Joy explains that they not only had a ton of fun but she ended up beating her friend in a game of bowling with 2 spares and a strike! The fancy bowling alley had themes such as Coney Island and China Town venues for each lane. This is a hip bowling alley that was incredibly expensive but nonetheless so much fun! This story sure makes me want to go tonight! Bowling can be so much fun if you go with friends or people you care about. There is something about feeling silly, wearing someone elses shoes and eating greasy bowling food that can make a really great and special night!

My favorite call of the day was Dawson who called to discuss his little brother who is only the age of 15 has been dating a 24 year old woman. Dr. Joy understands Dawson’s brothers point of view but she does not condone it. Dr. Joy think that Dawson should warn his brother and to make sure that he uses a condom. Dr. Joy believes that the two issues are that you can desensitize your love life and condoms are an absolute must. After the call, Joy talks about a caller who wrote a book called the randy granny, her whole thing was that this older woman started having sex with her friends son who was 18 years old and continued to have sex with young men, this was very interesting considering the call was taken in Boston which in some ways is very liberal and other ways conservative! We should give a copy to Dawsons younger brother for a little insight!