Bird’s the Word

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 8:17 am . By Dr Joy .

Hi Listeners! Today we start the show by discussing Joy’s experience birding in central park! It was very exciting to hear that a sport like this goes on in such a vibrant urban city like Manhattan and interesting creatures can be seen everywhere. After discussing a little bit about her weekend, Joy then leads into a story where she was unexpectedly shot at by a young child who was attempting to shoot squirrels and she heard a zing! This zing turned out to be a gun shot, I was shocked when I heard this story about Joy. I could never imagine being in such a frightening and awful predicament. Of course Joy handled it like a champ! After this alarming story Joy had a caller discuss how her husband spent the night out of the house and maybe with another woman. Joy explained that marriage is a poinsettia and that we can not let our marriages die by not giving them the proper attention they need. We need to go out on weekly dates with our significant others to keep the spice alive. Even over the weekend whisper in his or hers ear and take them somewhere sexy and wonderful, Joy suggests. While this spicy call ended a new interesting and dramatic call came through. A confident personal trainer from a gym called to explain that his client who he is very close to is being abused by her husband and is unsure how to help her or approach the situation. The caller explains “I would like to reach out to her but I do not know how” Dr. Joy explains that the caller can tell his friend/client that he called Dr.Joy on the radio in a confidential fashion and just wants her to be okay and to possibly call a hotline that may help her situation. It is important to not be too aggressive or come off in a judgmental way. Today’s show was exciting and covered a ton of topics that many people can relate to on a ton of levels! Xo Erica the intern