Birds and the Bees!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 9:10 am . By Dr Joy .

On last thursdays show Dr. Joy discusses parents tips and what makes parenting slightly easier! As someone who does not plan to have kids for a very long time, I am still very interested in how people relate to small children and how to care for them properly. It is amazing to me how once you become a parent you become so selfless and so in love with your own child.

A lot of people including Dr. Joy are in favor of bribery, if you can convince your kid that you will give them something in return for doing something “good” it is an excellent way to get what you need from your child. Positive reinforcement is a tool that many parents should use in the future with there own children. Also, Dr. Joy explains that kids do not care so much about what you tell them its the face time and the consistency that they care about, basically showing up and being a parent.

Dr.Joy thinks that the clues are not necessarily magic they are more sensible type of tips! As for callers today on the show we have a lot to talk/hear about! An interesting call came up today where a mother explained “my daughter refuses to talk about sex with me and she refuses to listen, we talk about everything else but she can not deal with sex talk.” Dr. Joy states that her daughter sounds manipulative and strong willed but to not let this sex issue go because something could be an underlying issue, communication is key. There could be something bigger so this mother needs to deal with it now or figure out if her daughter is just her being cutesy and silly. William then called to discuss an interesting question about sex.. “I was wondering if there is a difference between having sex or making love?” For most of us the idea is that it is something more then organ pleasure it has to be more, and it can be based on the person you connect with. Love and sex, so complicated! Lastly, Ginger called to discuss how to make more friendships with other woman who share the same feelings as she does, the problem is that she enjoys a dialogue not monologues! Ginger does not want to listen to other woman rant and rave all day long but she does want friendships. Ginger felt that her and a specific woman have a lot in common but she just talks so much however she does want to give this woman a shot!

Dr. Joy explains to simply be more aggressive and share your feelings in the conversation and to not get discouraged. XO intern Erica