“Art has to move you and design does not, unless it’s a good design for a BUS.”

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 at 12:13 pm . By Dr Joy .

-David Hockney

Wow, it is hot out… this is the nastiest heat wave since 1995, and it’s not just here in NYC, it’s apparently throughout most of the United States.  I can’t believe it’s this hot, nor can I believe 1995 was 16 years ago!  How time flies… Anyway, a friend of mine had a 75th birthday party in NJ the other day and as many of you may know, I don’t own a car.  I was weighing out my options of renting a car, or a plane, or a hot air balloon, but instead I decided to go a different route; I took a bus.  I know!  Everyone at the party was shocked, but I have to say I am a big fan.  It gets a bad rep, but it left from Port Authority on time, it wasn’t crowded, it had more legroom than a first class airplane, and it was cheap!  It also had free wi-fi, how groovy is that?

I have to admit, this wasn’t my first bus experience.  My daughter moved to Washington DC and instead of renting a car to go visit her, I took the Bolt Bus (which you can apparently get a seat on for like a dollar if you book far enough in advance) and that was great too.  I did have an interesting experience with that though.  I was in the bus station in line for the bus, and the driver starts pacing back and forth in front of the line and starts going over the rules of the bus like a drill sergeant: where the luggage goes, loudness of music, cell phone usage, etc.  At one point someone tried to ask him a question and he responded that he doesn’t take any questions.  It was kind of surreal, and I was sort of afraid for a second they were going to give out uniforms and start shaving all of our heads, but I kind of enjoyed the experience.  My cell phone did go off once during the trip and I got so embarrassed I apologized endlessly for it.  I do like the no cell phone use rule though, and I’m glad other services are beginning to take on those rules as well.  Who would have thought, I’m a bus kind of girl?  They’ve sold me.