A Sunday In Brooklyn

Friday, August 21st, 2009 at 5:52 pm . By Dr Joy .

Friday Plans: Authomatic Slims (http://www.yelp.com/biz/automatic-slims-new-york), stroll the Highline, bed. Sunday: GirlTalk in BK–it’s free~

I haven’t blogged in a quite a while, so i figured I’d let you all in on my weekend plans. Sadly, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so rain always equals movie watching. My brother usually tivo’s oldies, like “The Sandlot”, or anything starring Michael J. Fox. We did have plans to go to Redhook, and hit up the mexican food stands, but I don’t think we’ll trek through the rain.

I went to Redhook last Sunday, where I munched on fresh Ceviche (shrimp, calamari, white fish- slowed cooked in lime, onion, and cilanro), and sipped on cashew juice. What a perfect summer lunch! After the lunch, my “friend” and I walked along the baseball fields, which led to a local farm (Added Value), we strolled through the open gate, to find a half-kept garden, with an eerie ghost town feel, filled with lettuce, cabbage, and sunflowers. We were the only people there, which made it even better. After discussing what we thought happened to the people of the farm (maybe they were killed last night!) we walked the boardwalk, with an outstanding view of the statue of liberty, she looked quite good on this sunny afternoon. An art show caught us off guard, so we checked it out. I enjoyed the work of Brigitte Bouguet, check out the stuff, http://web.me.com/bbceramics.

This was a packed Sunday! After a very long, heated walk through Brooklyn (we were in the direct sunlight, without sunblock) we checked out a water pod, my guy was interested in seeing the sustainable watercraft–it was pretty interesting, but like he said, “a couple hippies having fun”–read on about the project at http://www.thewaterpod.org/lecture.html#coahsi–still impressive, no doubt.

I suggest you try this day, with a pit stop to the pool. You have a couple weekends left of the summer, so go for it!

ATTN: This is not for high maintence people who complain, or wear highheels on Sundays.