Lent (The Musical)

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 5:33 pm . By Dr Joy .

Today is the day I give up chocolate for lent.  Let me explain to you why I started this custom 15 years ago.  I have a pretty healthy lifestyle: I don’t eat red meat, I don’t smoke, I workout regularly. So when it comes to making my life healthier there is not much to give up.  Lent is about sacrifice, clarification, and about giving something up that is significant. Everyday I tell people to stop and change what they are doing which is so hard! We are homeostatic creatures and don’t handle change very well.  I decided I needed to do something as difficult for me as all the difficult things I tell my listeners to change.  So chocolate it is!   This is very difficult for me because it is one of my few indulgences. If I tell people to stop smoking, stop having sex with strangers, and to stop yelling at their kids, I am going to have to forgo something significant for me. Beware Easter!!  One year at midnight, the Saturday night before Easter, I went all out and ate chocolate and we all know it keeps you wide awake!  I have never done that again… What are you giving up for lent that is difficult for you?  Send me an email about what you are going to try to change during this lent period.